"For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. " 1 Corinthians 2:2

Back to Basics | R.C. Sproul

Brief Sermon For Busy People-“ Nearing Home” | Pat Loftin

The one traffic light in Epps always looks good when we have been away from home! The glowing light can be seen from afar and it is a wonderful sight! It matters not if we have visited other countries or states or friends and relatives near by, … [Continue reading]

What is the Prayer of Faith? | Sinclair Ferguson


from Ligonier.org Years ago, the editor of a publishing company asked me to write a book on prayer. The theme is a vitally important one. The publishing house was well known. To be honest, I felt flattered. But in a moment of heaven-sent honesty, … [Continue reading]

I Met Messiah | Mordechai Mottel Baleston

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What is Salvation? | Paul Washer

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How Do I Know That God Is for Me? | Sinclair Ferguson

from Ligonier.org God has promised to work everything together for the good of His people. If God is for us, it follows that, ultimately, nothing can stand against us. That is logical. Otherwise, God would not be God. If something could rise up … [Continue reading]

Semi-Pelagianism | Matt Slick, CARM

(My Note: Sadly, Semi=Pelagianism represents the theology of many churches today, especially in America, and Semi-Pelagianism is error.) from Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry/CARM Semi-Pelagianism is a weaker form of Pelagianism (a … [Continue reading]