Who is Visiting My Website?

I’ve had a website and online presence now for almost 20 years, and I would like to know if this website is effective in reaching people. If you visit my site, I would like to ask you to enter a short comment to this post and let me know you visit sometimes, often….just a couple of words is all I need to try and determine if this website is doing it’s job of reaching people.

Thank you.

Nondual Christianity and the Problem of Evil | Carl McColman

I suggest that “the mind of Christ” that Saint Paul refers to (Philippians 2:5; I Corinthians 2:16), is, in effect, nondual consciousness/nondual seeing. It is marked by the capacity to see as God sees — which means to see everything with the eyes of love, the eyes of compassion, the eyes of mercy.

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The Practice of Mindful Christianity | Paul Bane

from Patheos.com

The word “practice” does not have the same meaning as practicing a sport or routine to perform at peak level. The practice of mindful Christianity and contemplative prayer is the discipline of energizing our minds to be present in an instant and to have the awareness that God is with us now. It is the practice of being aware of Christ’s presence living in us and connected with every facet of our lives.

The practice of mindful Christianity understands the flesh and the ego desire to control every aspect of our lives through our thoughts. It also comprehends we cannot force ourselves to change our behavior. There’s no way to will your mind to be relaxed and calm.

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Keeping Mindful Christianity Simple | Paul Bane

from Mindful Christianity

Years ago I knew I was in a desperate need of getting alone with God to recharge my spiritual batteries and to listen for his voice. I began a journey of studying the contemplatives, the mystics and the misfits the church frowned upon throughout its history. I wanted to discover how to meditate and quiet my spirit and soul in the presence of God. I was not seeking a new experience or revelation but looking for a way of gaining sanity and simplifying my life.

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The Real Meaning of Christmas | Stephen Nichols

from Ligonier.org

The birth of Jesus so many centuries ago might have been a slightly-out-of-the-ordinary birth. Even in ancient times, stalls didn’t typically double as birthing rooms and mangers didn’t typically double as cribs for new-born babies. And that newborn baby was very much out of the ordinary. Of course, in some respects, He was perfectly ordinary. He was a human being, a baby. He got hungry. He got thirsty. He got tired. When He was born, He was wrapped in swaddling clothes—the ancient equivalent of Pampers.

An infant. Helpless, hungry, cold, and tired.

Yet, this child was the Son of God incarnate. He was Immanuel, which translated means “God with us.” According to the Apostle Paul’s account, this infant created all things. This infant created His own manger. And this infant, this King, brings peace on earth, ultimate and permanent peace.

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John MacArthur: Christianity that’s inoffensive is not Christianity

from Christian Post.com

John MacArthur recently said that while his views on hot-button issues like homosexuality are controversial, his goal as a pastor is to “offend everyone” because any brand of Christianity that is “inoffensive” isn’t Christianity at all.

During an interview, author and conservative personality Ben Shapiro asked MacArthur how he addresses certain “difficult Scriptures,” pointing in particular to passages addressing homosexuality.

MacArthur, who is leader of Grace Community Church of Sun Valley, California, and president of The Master’s College and Seminary, said that while there’s “no getting around” the fact that the Bible clearly identifies homosexuality as a sin, it’s important to understand it’s “not some kind of sin that leads the parade and is separated by light years from all other sins.”

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