Rick Warren and The Purpose of Christmas

Rick Warren was given prime time on the world’s most watched television news network on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to tell the world about the purpose of Christmas.  Once again, in my humble opinion, he flubbed it.

I had hoped to share clips of Warren’s “message” on my radio program today, but with family commitments, I have not had the time to edit the audio as needed. I will be commenting on the Warren program and Joel Osteens appearance on the Larry King Live program later in the week.

But just a couple of quick comments about the Warren broadcast. Rick Warren is consistent if nothing else. The Purpose of Christmas broadcast was a big disappointment and filled with cavalier misapplications of scripture , use of multiple translations to prove Warren’s distorted views of the Gospel, and the self-serving effort at pushing the Purpose Driven false gospel. There was even a Bette Midler quote thrown in just for good measure.

I don’t know what other evidence people would need, to realize that Warren is indeed a false prophet and the Purpose Driven gospel is apostate.

 More to come………

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