Only in America


….could we witness a government and leadership so spineless, so lacking in decency and courage, that they would send and pay for the trip of a clergy of the satanic religion of Islam, that murdered over 3000 Americans, to a foreign land to  “discuss Muslim life in America and promote religious tolerance”….only in America! My 2 cents….I don’t give a rats tail if Muslim countries like us or not….and Muslims are as free as anyone in American to worship as they please and should have that freedom, in spite of the fact that Muslim countries around the world deny Christians the same freedoms. But…we shouldn’t be wimping out to their demonic system just because we are scared they may not like us or call us names. This is what happens when our government is runs by pansies, when a culture rots in it’s own selfishness, and when American Christianity thinks it knows more and has more sovereignty, than God Himself!


U.S. sponsors ground zero imam’s trip

WASHINGTON — The imam behind controversial plans for a mosque near the site of the Sept. 11 attacks is being sent by the State Department on a religious outreach trip to the Middle East, officials said. The department is sponsoring Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s visit to Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, where he will discuss Muslim life in America and promote religious tolerance, spokesman P.J. Crowley said. He said the imam had been on similar State Department-sponsored trips in 2007 and last January. "His work on tolerance and religious diversity is well-known," Crowley said. Crowley said the Obama administration has no position on Rauf’s mosque plans, which he called a local zoning matter for New York.

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