‘Embarrassed’ Jones apologizes to Cowboys fans

Yahoo Sports reporting that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is embarrassed of his team. The Cowboys, at one time considered Americas team and my personal favorite, lost again Sunday, this time to Jacksonville 35-17 to bring their record this season to 1-7.

You would think that I would be a fanatical Dallas fan and I was when the team consisted of people like Tom Landry, Roger Staubach and Bob Lilly. The Cowboys of more modern times are more made up of prima-donnas, celebrity wanna-bees and gansta rappers.

If Jones wanted to do something good for the team he would stop making arrogant, stupid statements like claiming his team would host the Super Bowl in the new Cowboys Stadium; if he is really embarrassed and wants to change things for the better, he would make his entertainers…uh, I mean players, play the game with integrity and skill rather than doing showboating celebrations in the end zone. The showboating is arrogant, unsportsmanlike and silly if you win, when you lose, it’s all those things and just plain old STUPID!

Act like a boss Jones and make your employees know they are that, employees; and let them do their talkin on the field rather than on the cover of People magazine or rap videos. If you cant do that Mr. Jones, sell the darn thing and get out!

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2 thoughts on “‘Embarrassed’ Jones apologizes to Cowboys fans

  1. Greg Smith

    Good thoughts.

    As an aside, I am a Packer fan. As you know, we hate the Cowboys. By hate, I don’t mean there may be a few other teams we prefer. I am talking about that deep viseral hatred. Of course we host the Cowboys next week. It should be a slam dunk for the Pack: riding high in the NFC North; the Cowboys 1-7; the game at Lambeau. Yeah, a slam dunk.

    But as all Packer fans realize, this is the exact setup where the Cowboys will come in and trounce our beloved Packers. This is why we hate the Cowboys.

    1. theexpositor


      I “like” football but not all really as big a fan as I was back in the day. A lot about pro sports has turned me off. In fact, I get a bigger kick out of watching or attending a good rodeo:)


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