World Net Daily-The Happy Valley Football Altar

Robert Ringer offers insightful opinion into the Penn State scandal in an article posted at World Net

“I doubt it will ever happen, but I would like to see all sports scholarships eliminated and have the rosters of college athletic teams filled by grade-qualifying students. Sports played by real student athletes would bring in just as much money as the semi-pro college teams we have today. If everyone is playing at a lower skill level, it looks pretty much the same as when super jocks are playing against each other on a higher level.

The Penn State tragedy and the broader issue of deifying college sports are really just symptoms of a much larger problem – the fact that we have discarded the certitudes and values that once made America the greatest country on earth. Without certitudes and values, it’s easy for people to do unspeakable things such as looking the other way in order to protect a revered college football program. After all, the secular progressives have taught us that everything is relative.

May God be with those innocent kids who were sacrificed on the Happy Valley Football Altar. And may they all become wealthy as a result of the avalanche of lawsuits that is about to shake Penn State University to its core.”

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