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The New Hampshire GOP primary is today…….(insert crickets chirping here)….


It’s still early, but I posed the question on Facebook, if it’s Romney or Obama…who will you vote for?


Speaking of Obama…a few observations on the communist in chief….

Obama: Republicans Threaten ‘Very Core of What This Country Stands For’…

The Republican party has it’s problems, but this is the sort of hypocritical, asinine statements we have come to expect from the communist/pagan Obama.  What part of the GOP platform is threatening?…..saving children rather than aborting them?….standing up for America’s interest at home and around the globe, rather than putting it down and backing down?….less government intrusion and more personal freedom?…. I have asked this before, is Obama that stupid or is his agenda to tear down this nation?


How mainstream media kept Obama’s Alice in Wonderland-themed party a secret in depths of recession in 2009


And speaking of hyprocrisy… about the news that the Obama’s hosted a secret Alice in Wonderland Halloween party, reported to be put together by Hollywood fruitcake weirdos Tim Burton and Johnny Depp? Its one thing to have this sort of trash in the White House and at least partially financed by taxpayer dollars, but to do this at time when so many Americans are suffering and hurting is the height of hypocrisy. The Obama’s are liars and frauds.


Yet more news of John Piper and some sad and confusing routes he is taking…..

John Piper Recommending Lectio Divina

Beth Moore And John Piper Lead Lectio Divina-lite At Passion 2012

What John Piper And Jim Wallis Have In Common And Why The Pope Will Be Delighted


Once again Southern Baptist pastor Ed Young Jr. is showing his true self, as a heretic…

‘Sexperiment:’ Pastor, Wife to Spend 24 Hours in Bed on Church Roof


Tim Challies offers a review of Mark and Grace Driscoll’s new book on marriage…

The Driscolls and Real Marriage


Worldview Times on Driscoll book….

Mark Driscoll’s ‘Real Marriage’ Draws Controversy for ‘Invasive’ Sex Talk


From the “why should we be surprised” department

Oprah Winfrey Previews Joel Osteen’s Appearance on ‘Next Chapter’ (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber: I Don’t Have to Go to Church


Great articles…….

Michael Youssef-When Ignorance is Bliss

Phil Johnson-Evangelical Exhibitionists

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