Why and how to celebrate Chanukah | D. Thomas Lancaster

from Beth Immanuel Sabbath Fellowship

hannukahmenorahChanukah is an important, prophetic story predicted in detail by the prophet Daniel. In that sense, Chanukah is a biblical festival, even though it was not instituted until after the last book of the Old Testament had been written. It is also mentioned in the New Testament. Yeshua went to the Temple for the Feast of Chanukah.

Yeshua talked about Chanukah. He warned his disciples that the things that happened in the story of Chanukahwould happen again (Mark 13:13-16 and 24:15-18). To understand what he was saying, his disciples had to know the story of Chanukah. If Yeshua talked about the story of Hanukah and his disciples knew the story, do you think it should matter to us?

Chanukah is a story of religious persecution and standing up for your faith in God. Yeshua tells us we can expect persecution, but he also tells us that we must stand firm in our faith.

Chanukah celebrates the Festival of the Light of the World. It celebrates the relighting of the Menorah Lamp stand that burned in God’s Holy Temple. The Menorah Lamp stand was called the “Light of the World.” Yeshua said, “I am the Light of the world,” and another time he told his disciples, “You are the light of the world.”

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