Supreme Court Increases Likelihood of Muslim Attack | Bryan Fischer

from American Family Association

For liberals and homosexual activists, whether they got their feelings hurt has now become the sole indicator of iniquity. If something you or I do causes them emotional discomfort, it is the equivalent in their eyes of physical assault and must be punished by the power of the state. Lawsuit after lawsuit has been filed by the gay lobby against Christian business owners on the grounds they were offended by how they were treated.

(It must be noted that treating the hurting of someone’s feelings as an offense does not extend to Christians. They may be insulted, grieved, demonized and vilified at will. In fact, inflicting emotional distress on Christians seems to have become a point of pride for many progressives.)

This brings us to what the Supreme Court did to Muslims last Friday. The entire world knows exactly how the “religion of peace” deals with homosexuals: they tie them to chairs and throw them off eight story buildings, and then, if they survive the fall, stone them to death.

In fact, on Friday, the very day the Supreme Court handed down its abominable gay marriage ruling, ISIS threw four homosexuals off the roof of an apartment building, perhaps to stick a thumb in the eye of the United States.

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