Brief Sermon For Busy People-“ Nearing Home” | Pat Loftin

pat loftinThe one traffic light in Epps always looks good when we have been away from home! The glowing light can be seen from afar and it is a wonderful sight! It matters not if we have visited other countries or states or friends and relatives near by, that traffic light is a way of saying “welcome home”. Be it ever so humble there is no place like home! Home means good food from a wife who has done it for over 60 years—a nice recliner that is well worn from overuse—a couple of puppy dogs that greet us with waging tails, wet kisses and a forgiving spirit when chastised—and a nice bed that is never occupied until 9:00 P. M.

Now, we older Christians are nearing home! We think about Heaven a lot! When we get to that home we will see loved ones that have gone before us—old friends and family that we loved and enjoyed on earth—and most of all we will see the Lord Jesus Christ! We are getting near our “traffic light.” Romans 13:11, “And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.”(KJV)

Pat Loftin has served as a Baptist minister for some 62 years and resides in Epps, LA where he has been the husband of Kathy for 59 years, the father of 3, grandfather of 6 and great-grandfather of 3 more. His hobbies include fishing but his passion is for preaching, teaching and writing. To contact Bro. Pat Loftin, you may email him through our contact page here

What is the Prayer of Faith? | Sinclair Ferguson


Years ago, the editor of a publishing company asked me to write a book on prayer. The theme is a vitally important one. The publishing house was well known. To be honest, I felt flattered. But in a moment of heaven-sent honesty, I told him that the author of such a book would need to be an older and more seasoned author (not to mention, alas, more prayerful) than I was. I mentioned one name and then another. My reaction seemed to encourage him to a moment of honesty, as well. He smiled. He had already asked the well-seasoned Christian leaders whose names I had just mentioned! They, too, had declined in similar terms. Wise men, I thought. Who can write or speak at any length easily on the mystery of prayer?

Yet in the past century and a half, much has been written and said particularly about “the prayer of faith.” The focus has been on mountain-moving prayer by which we simply “claim” things from God with confidence that we will receive them because we believe that He will give them.

But what exactly is the prayer of faith?

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