"For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. " 1 Corinthians 2:2

‘The Storm Is Coming’ | Franklin Graham

Brief Sermon For Busy People-“On Staying Humble” | Pat Loftin

After his sermon a young preacher had a man to tell him that it was the best sermon he had ever heard! The young minister prayed inwardly, “Lord, help me not to get puffed up.’’ The next Sunday an elderly lady said, “I have been a member of this church for 40 years and I have never heard a sermon as bad as you preached today.” The preacher bowed his head and prayed, ”Lord, help me not to get puffed down.” One time I jokingly said to my wife, Kathy, “You have such an humble husband” and she said, “I have known you for over 60 years and son, you have a lot to be humble about.”

Life can give you some things that will make you proud and life can also give you some experiences that will bring you to your knees. One of the best passages on humility is Luke 18:9-14 and the last part states, “Everyone that exalts himself shall be abased and he that humbles himself shall be exalted.”

Pat Loftin has served as a Baptist minister for some 62 years and resides in Epps, LA where he has been the husband of Kathy for 59 years, the father of 3, grandfather of 6 and great-grandfather of 3 more. His hobbies include fishing but his passion is for preaching, teaching and writing. To contact Bro. Pat Loftin, you may email him through our contact page here

What Must Happen Before Yeshua Returns? | Ron Cantor


Erick Stakelbeck and Dr. Michael Youssef discuss what biblical prophecy has to say about the rise of radical Islam.

Dear President Obama, I Have a Solution for Your “Islamist” Dilemma | Michael Youssef

Dear President Obama,

Please know that I am one of those who pray for you on a regular basis. The Scriptures command me to pray for those in leadership.

Please also know that any criticism I have regarding your foreign policies are neither personal nor political. I have found some across the aisle from you who have equally questionable views regarding such policies.

Although I don’t presume to enter into your mind nor know your motives, I think I understand the process of your thinking regarding radical Islam. Incidentally, I think also some of the President George W. Bush’s administration may share some of your views.

Given your childhood years spent in Indonesia, and your friendships then with some Muslims at school and in that country in general, you have a deep aversion to calling fundamentalist Muslims by the appropriate name: “Islamists” or “Jihadists.” You fear that by doing so, you would appear to paint all Muslims with the same brush.

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