Questions a Traditional Southern Baptist Want to Ask a Calvinist-Part 1

Mike and Scott Reiber begin a series of discussions concerning 17 questions that are one pastor’s study in which the goal is to debunk Calvinsim. On this program they begin by addressing the subjects of election and original sin. Stay tuned…you DONT want to miss these programs! Mike also recommends you download a past program […]

Pastor Dave is Looking for Courageous Calvinism in the PCA

via The Heidelbog and Scott Reiber Online He writes: “I’m not sure that there are many in the PCA with this conviction. We are going with the flow, paddling with the current of broad evangelicalism seeking relevance, influence, and recognition. And sadly, to the extent we pursue those things so do we distance ourselves from […]

John MacArthur Comments on ‘New Calvinism’

from Apprising Ministries What seems to be happening is the formation of a postmodern form of Calvinism where one embraces select portions of Reformation theology, while at the same time practicing the anti-sola Scriptura spirituality of Counter Reformation theology. With this in mind, I point you to 10 Questions with John MacArthur posted at The […]