The Church: Why Bother?

The Church: Why Bother? is a great new book by Pastor Jeffrey Johnson of Grace Bible Church in Conway,Arkansas. He will be a guest in the coming weeks on The Mike Corley Program. “In one way or another, virtually every troubling trend in the current world of evangelical Christianity is rooted in misunderstanding about the […]

The Case Against Finney

Mike interviews Jerry Johnson with and The Apologetics Group about their new film Beware of False Prophets, The Case Against Charles G. Finney. Also, in segment 1, Mike shares personal thoughts on the Schlueter-Rosebrough issue. Listen now– Podcast Download MP3

Justification by Faith Alone

Sola Fide! Mike and Scott Reiber discuss the doctrine of justification by faith, alone…a doctrine that birthed the Protestant Reformation in early 1500s and is still a topic of debate today. This program includes some bonus conversation available here only! Listen now– Podcast Download MP3

What Is Reformation Day All About?

Reformation Day is October 31 each year. I was away on personal time and did not post this as I wanted, so I am sharing it now. It comes from Ligionier Ministries blog and is written by Robert Rothwell. At the time, few would have suspected that the sound of a hammer striking the castle church […]