Men, Stop the Silly Video Games and Kick the Porn Habit | Shane Idleman

from Charisma News Like a bird that wanders from the nest, so is a man who wanders from his place” (Prov. 27:8). Written in 1757, the following lyrics echo with great clarity to a generation that has wandered so far off that we can barely hear God’s call to return to Him: “Prone to wander, […]

David Platt’s Call to Counter Culture

from Christian Platt, the new president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board and author of the books Radical and A Compassionate Call to Counter Culture, began his address by pointing out the hypocrisy of Christians who advocate for less controversial social issues while avoiding others like life, morality and marriage altogether. “We […]

Are You a Cultural Christian or a Biblical Christian?

(My note: I have used the term “CHINO” to describe so-called cultural Christians. CHINO standing for “CHristian in Name Only.) from Charisma News Christianity is flourishing. There are more Christians today in America than ever before, both as a percentage and in total numbers. Roughly one in three Americans indicate they have asked Jesus to […]

How Should We Be Living? | Dr. Michael Brown

from Charisma News: The time for slumber and playing games is long past, and the time for complacency is gone. The harvest is ripe, the needs are overwhelming, and the potential is extraordinary. The power of God is totally available, and the Lord Jesus is enthroned in power, ready to send, anoint and bless and […]

“The Paganization of Western Culture” | Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

from Oxford University Chabad Society Yes, contemporary Western culture is a pagan culture. It is ruled by the gods of olden time, only with new names and different images. The first is the god of power – formerly known as Baal (literally: “owner”) – who sometimes appears in a slightly different form as Mammon, the […]

Why Kids Are So Awfully Sexualized |

Today’s kids have been turned into little sex monsters by the sex culture surrounding them. They see the music videos of such morally bankrupt “artists” as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and nearly every R&B and rap “artist” out there; videos featuring females getting male attention and money thrown their way for showcasing their bodies, accompanied by […]

Mardi Gras-Just Harmless Fun?

This comes via the website and is from a tract by  Last Call Ministries in Shreveport, LA. They may be contacted at P.O. Box 4203, Shreveport, La 71134 Mardi Gras! The word conjures up all sorts of images in the mind. We think of parades, floats, masquerades, balls, beads, doubloons, parties, king cake and revelry. New Orleans Promises it […]