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Southern Baptists rest easy…Jimmy and Willie to the rescue

Source: The Christian Post 

Two former presidents who claim to be Southern Baptists, say they want to change the image of the SBC. Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton say they “want to be part of an initiative to create a new Baptist voice and improve the negative image of Baptists in North America.”

From the story posted today on The Christian Post, Carter and Clinton are part of a meeting of the liberal North American Baptist Fellowship meeting today at the Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia. It was announced during the meeting that a special “convocation” with be held in 2008 as part of Carter’s new “Baptist voice initiative”.

According to the story, the purpose of the convocation will be to 

“counter the negative and judgmental image of Baptists”, according to the Associated Baptist Press. According to Carter, the most common opinion about Baptists is that they cannot get along. Carter alluded to the schism the Southern Baptist Convention experienced two decades ago.In a former interview with Mother Jones, Carter said there has been an evolution within the SBC, the largest Protestant denomination in the states, “toward a more and more rigid and strict creed that embodies the fundamentalist principles” that he mentioned in his book Our Endangered Values: America’s Moral Crisis.

The “schism” Carter spoke of was not a clash of personality or style, it was a fight for the soul of the SBC, a fight whether the denomination would remain true to God’s Word or not. Praise God the right way prevailed. Sadly, the denomination is sliding back into  liberalism under the guise of purpose driven and the emergent.

The story did not state whether or not Carter, Clinton or any of the other “progressive Baptists” who will be particpating in the convocation will actually affirm and obey the Holy Scriptures. It is my guess that they will not, since affirming the inerrancy and infallability of the Bible would have a “negative” effect on their party.

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Lighthouse Trails Top Stories of 2006

We are going to be offering various ministries opinion of what the top stories were in 2006. We begin with Lighthouse Trails Research.

Lighthouse Trails Research – Top Stories of 2006

Source: Lighthouse Trails

1. Rick Warren Predicts Christian Fundamentalism To Be Enemy of 21st Century!
2. Awana Clubs:Are They Heading Toward Contemplative/Emergent?
3. Purpose Driven Resisters – Must Leave or Die
4. Will the Next Billy Graham be a Mystic?
5. Max Lucado Hops into the Contemplative Camp
6. Beth Moore Gives Thumbs Up to Be Still DVD
7. Calvary Chapel Rejects Purpose Driven and Emerging Spirituality
8. Willow Creek Leadership Summit – Speaker Promotes the New Age
9. Focus on the Family Says OK to Contemplative Prayer
10. Celebration of Discipline – 27 Years of Influence
11. David Jeremiah Proposes “Major Paradigm Shift” for His Church
12. Can Rick Warren “Save the World”?
13. NOTICE TO PARENTS: Christian Schools Introducing Teens to Mysticism Proponent
14. Haggard’s Replacement Promotes Contemplative Spirituality and the Emerging Church

This article or excerpt was posted on December 31, 2006@ 8:13 pm .

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Dr. D. James Kennedy suffers heart attack

Please pray for Dr. D. James Kennedy, pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, as he is listed in serious condition at a Fort Lauderdale, Florida hospital. Church officials said the 76-year-old Kennedy was rushed to a local hospital from his home Thursday evening. They said he is becoming more alert and responsive. Dr. Kennedy is a very faithful servant of our Lord and an important voice for the cause of Christ.

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From the wild and wacky world of church…..


Atlanta Rappers Take Crunk to the Pulpit

Evangelicals To Dance the Night Away New Year’s Eve

Fun With Communion Bread?

Willow Creek Delves Deeper Into Contemplative Spirituality

Body Worship For Laughs and More

These are recent headlines from various web sources including Slice of How sad it is that while many believers around the world are giving their very lives for the cause of Christ, the American church wastes everything with circus performances, crunk services and the like.

I submit this article by Ingrid Schlueter offering a perspective of todays church to the times and sacrifices of great martyrs of the faith, entitled For This the Martyrs Died? Continue reading

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Where do your affections lie?

Galatians 3:2 says, ” Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.”

I continue to perhaps naively be amazed at the seemingly apathetic attitude of many who claim the Name of Christ have when it comes to standing for the Gospel, or for those who do. I am not speaking of just myself or our work, but the ministry as a whole.

Everyday I wondered why? Why would someone who calls himself or herself a Christian partner with a person or organization that is directly opposed to and in direct defiance of the Word of God? Why would a believer or a congregation be hesitant in fully and enthusiastically endorsing and supporting any effort to scripturally proclaim the truth of God’s Word? Why would any person who says they are saved by the blood of Christ and follow the Lord of Lords balk at or refuse to support any biblically faithful ministry whose aim is to do fulfill the Great Commission? Indeed a lot of questions.

I am 45 years old and I have been around as they say. Sometimes I ask myself and the Lord, ‘what else could happen?’. When I read another story of a church or Christian who for years was faithful to the call, suddenly switch their allegiance from the Word of God to the word of a mortal man, I scream inside, ‘WHATS GOING ON HERE!’

When I read of a church who decides its a good thing, and strangely in their minds, a God-honoring thing to offer courses to their congregants that are based in materials that are diametrically opposed to the scriptures, my heart breaks. Whether its the purpose drive, seeker sensitive, or now the emergent church movement, not a day goes that I don’t read or hear another instance where another church, church member or church leader decides that God’s ways are wrong, old-fashioned or obsolete and that the intelligence of a man is better.

I send out email alerts from time to time to let pastors and leaders know about issues we are covering or alarming trends in the church. After sending out an alert recently concerning the fact that Willow Creek Church was hosting a circus act in their church as part of a Christmas program, one local pastor emailed me a reply demanding I remove him from my email list and never send him emails like this again. What?

Why would any minister not want to know about such things, unless of course they approve of such foolishness or they just don’t to be bothered with it?

I wish I could come on this blog and say everything is okay and things are getting better, but I cannot. The situation is bad and growing worse everyday. 2 Thessalonians 2:3 tells us,

Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

Also, in 2 Timothy 4:1,2

“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;”

I believe we are in the times spoken of in these scriptures, and I sincerely believe that the only hope we have is the return of the Savior. May we turn to Him now in repentance and obedience.

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How Good Do You Have to Be?

Many people were shocked and saddened by the death of musician James Brown recently. Brown was the proclaimed “godfather of soul” and performed in the music industry for over 50 years.

The comments have been coming forth heralding Browns accomplishments in the music industry and how he shaped the careers of other entertainers from Michael jackson to Prince. But one of the other running comments is one that you hear almost every time a famous person dies is, “he was a good person with a good heart”, which brings me to my point.

I don’t want to sound as if I am speaking ill of the dead, but I ask the question, ‘how good do we have to be?’. The story of James Brown is just one of many. You hear it all the time, from James Brown to Bono, its not about our committment to the Lord, it about what works we performed on our own.

Charitable acts certainly have value and helping others in need is definitely good for those who need help, but doing good works does nothing for you in the eyes of God without a faithful, obedient relationship with Him through the Lord Jesus Christ. Feeding thousands, raising millions and giving aways toys to children will not get you one inch closer to God. For the born-again believer, service is expected and required, and I believe, should go without the pomp, circumstance and praise of men. However, for the unsaved, those who reject Christ in every way, your acts, your good works, will die with you.

The book of James indeed tells us “faith without works is dead”. but it is also understood that works without faith possessed no life to begin with.

It isn’t just the Bill Gates’ of the world that are deceived in this false belief, but millions of people in churches are under the same delusion. Many church members are under the belief that if they work enough or volunteer enough, then that will put them in right standing with God, instead of their striving for righteousness and holiness, and being faithful and obedient to scipture. 

I don’t know if James Brown was a Christian. If he was, it was not reflected in his life. I pray he repented and placed his faith in Christ before the end.

To all of us here, it is not your works that save you, it is your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, according to His Word.

“For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:Not of works, lest any man should boast.” Ephesians 2:8,9

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