Why and how to celebrate Chanukah | D. Thomas Lancaster

from Beth Immanuel Sabbath Fellowship Chanukah is an important, prophetic story predicted in detail by the prophet Daniel. In that sense, Chanukah is a biblical festival, even though it was not instituted until after the last book of the Old Testament had been written. It is also mentioned in the New Testament. Yeshua went to […]

Daniel Lancaster | Messianic Judaism

“The more you study the Bible, the more you realize Judaism is the religion of the Bible. It’s the religion the Bible says to do. It’s the religion the people of the Bible, including Jesus, did.” Daniel Lancaster, Beth Immanuel Sabbath Fellowship, from a sermon entitled “Messianic Judaism” 4/14/2007 http://www.bethimmanuel.org/audio?page=1 Please follow and like us: