The Elephant in the Elephant Room

Travis Allen, Director of Internet Ministry with Grace to You,offers great insight on The Elephant Room controversy, relating to the first session and the opening discussion involving Perry Noble, Mark Driscoll and moderator James McDonald. You must read the entire article. That Elephant Room session was full of swagger and bravado, the epitome of hipster […]

Thabiti Anyabwile & AJ Carter hit back-to-back homers in the McDonald/Jakes/Elephant Room issue…

This article, The Elephant Wins by A.J. Carter, comes from The Gospel Coalition…. “Jakes is no dummy.  He will be careful not to say anything that would indict him as a false teacher.  He is a smart man.  You don’t get to his position being stupid.  Therefore, I fear that by the end of the […]

Is McDonald labeling those who question The Elephant Room and/or T.D. Jakes, pagans?

This comment and reply comes from the James McDonald site from a post titled Why I am Excited to have T.D. Jakes in The Elephant Room. The comment is from a Michael Plato and the reply from James McDonald himself. I submitted a reply question and hope that it gets a response. Michael PlatoSep.30.2011<!––> Brother […]

Reckon why The Elephant Room keeps deleting my comments?

I have posted several comments on the blog site of James McDonald regarding the T.D. Jakes…and they have all been deleted. I even had a reader/listener write and tell me they posted a link for my post  The Elephant Room, T.D. Jakes and our reaction and that comment was deleted. Why are they deleting the comments? What are they afraid […]