Albert Mohler:A New Third Way? Reformist Evangelicals and the Evangelical Future

from “The emergence of revisionist or reformist evangelicals raises all the questions of evangelical identity anew. Put bluntly, their proposals amount to what can only be described as a new form of Protestant Liberalism. Their proposals, though informed by various intellectual movements that emerged in recent decades, are really quite at home within the […]

Saved or Self Deceived?

Best of MCP! From the original broadcast in March, 2008, How can so many who claim to be Christians, not have a proper, scriptural understanding of salvation? As Dr. John MacArthur states in the teaching series Salvation Survey: Saved or Self Deceived?, “I am convinced that in the name of Christianity there are many places […]

Theology 101-Is the altar call scriptural?

Theology 101 Paul Alexander writes for 9; “…there are many churches out there that sing the last stanza of Have Thine Own Way just one more time as they wait for the convicted sinner to step out of the pew and into a new relationship with Christ. But even though it is still somewhat […]

Richard Land on Beck’s Christianity

The following is an excerpt of an article by Ken Silva at Apprising Ministries on the ongoing debate over Glenn Beck and his sudden popularity in the religious realm. This clip highlights a recent interview with Dr. Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, as he appeared on NPR […]

The result of an man-centered gospel? Easy in…Easy Out..

CHRISTIANPOST.COM-About one out of every eight adults is an “ex-Christian,” a new survey reveals. These include those who left the Protestant or Catholic tradition that they were a part of as a child and who now report being atheist, agnostic or some other faith, according to the Barna Group. Meanwhile, those who switched from a […]

Only in America

  ….could we witness a government and leadership so spineless, so lacking in decency and courage, that they would send and pay for the trip of a clergy of the satanic religion of Islam, that murdered over 3000 Americans, to a foreign land to  “discuss Muslim life in America and promote religious tolerance”….only in America! […]