A couple of fun things…..

Mt wife’s grandmother. Mrs. Ercel Stewart, knowing my ancestry and love of Ireland, made this beautiful afghan for me. It was a real honor for her to do this and I will treasure it forever.

Since we all know that soccer is football…THE REAL FOOTBALL…..enjoy this commercial


Amazing Grace: The History & Theology of Calvinism

I think Amazing Grace: The History & Theology of Calvinism  is one of the most important teaching presentations today. Eric Holmberg, Founder and Director of The Apologetics Group, will be my guest on The Mike Corley Program today and we will discuss his ministry and this incredible DVD and the other great resources available through TAG. Meanwhile, get your copy of Amazing Grace NOW! Buy several copies and give them to your pastor, sunday school teachers, family and friends.

A Story of Grace

I have been blessed greatly by the faithful ministry of C.J. Mahaney, and for their 25th anniversary Covenant Life Church produced this tremendous video testimony of the life and ministry of C.J. and Carolyn Mahaney. You will be blessed by this two part presentation. Josh Harris narrates.



Challies on Evan Almighty

Once again, Tim Challies has done a superb  job of  providing biblical insight, this time expressing some tremendous points concerning the upcoming film Evan Almighty. Sadly, the film is being pushed to a largely gullible “Christian” audience, with Salem Radio Network even airing a multitude of commercials promoting the films release. You must read Tim Challies article on this. Thanks Tim.

From Challies.com:

“But I think my greatest and overarching concern is this: this movie, like the one before it, makes light of our faith. When people walked out of Bruce Almighty I don’t think they had a greater and deeper understanding of God. They did not have greater love for and respect for Him. The genre simply could not bring so serious and important and biblical a message. Amidst all of the laughs and vulgarity there would simply not have been opportunity to really help people understand God better, despite the filmmaker’s attempts. And when people walk away from Evan Almighty they will not love God more. I don’t think they will have a greater understanding of the Bible. In fact, I suspect they’ll see the biblical story of the flood as being as fictional as this movie–a quaint plot but completely unrealistic and implausible. Mere fiction. This movie will not and cannot bring anyone closer to God. Rather, it will necessarily project a false image of God, a false understanding of Him. And we’re being told to watch this, to enjoy this, and to bring our families to see it so they can laugh with us.

No thanks.”