Brannon Howse-Barton, Land, Hagee, TBN and others and their treason of the faith by partnering with Mormon Glenn Beck

Brannon Howse on his Worldview Radio program does a fantastic job of examining the treasonous actions of “evangelicals” such as David Barton, John Hagee, Richard Land and others, in partnering with Mormon and New Ager Glenn Beck. Brannon also talks about yet another example of apostasy by the Trinity Broadcasting Network as they air Beck Israel rally. The audio […]

Evangelicals Unite With Glenn Beck’s New Age Mormonism

On Crosstalk America yesterday, February 28, 2011, guest host Brannon Howse gives details concerning a recent Glenn Beck program that he believes provides good evidence of a major shift taking place within evangelicalism. He noted how German Christians began to set aside their theology and doctrine and began to embrace the higher criticism of Julius […]

Brannon Howse-Beck declares Jesus Provides Theory,Gandhi Provides Practice

Glenn continues to push pluralism and universalism. Topic One: Glenn’s program was on the four "men" that led revolutions; Jesus, Gandhi, Moses and Martin Luther King Jr. Beck says "let’s talk about Him [Jesus] as a man" and then says "if He indeed is the Messiah". So Beck is not only lowering Jesus to the […]