A Comparison of ‘The Purpose Drive Life’ and ‘Slave’-On Salvation | Jeremiah Johnson

from Grace to You: In fact, he makes it clear that any gospel that skirts the lordship of Christ is no gospel at all. Amazingly, in spite of the clear teaching of Scripture and the faithful witness of Protestant church history, most of the trends in contemporary evangelicalism actually attack the lordship of Christ over […]

Holding to Sound Doctrine | John MacArthur

from Grace to You One of the Devil’s more subtle schemes is leading believers away from sound doctrine. He knows that his best chance of immobilizing an effective Christian witness is through distraction with unscriptural, questionable, irrational, and shifting doctrines. Even if we are not affected by any particular infiltration of false doctrine, our Christian […]

Strange Fire Q&A: Answering the Critics | John MacArthur and Phil Johnson

Even considering my history with John MacArthur and Grace to You, I was concerned when during the Strange Fire conference last year, I was told that Dr. MacArthur had declared that all or most people in the Pentecostal/Charismatic movements were not saved. I knew he probably meant something more than that one statement. This exchange […]

Killing Sin, Part 1 | John MacArthur

It’s not enough to merely receive the warnings of your conscience. You’ve got to act on those warnings and deal decisively and thoroughly with the sin your conscience uncovers. As Paul said in Romans 8:13, believers must always be “putting to death the deeds of the body.” The King James translation uses more picturesque language, […]