World Net Daily | “Religiously Unaffiliated”got Obama Reelected

(NPR) — The big demographic story out of the 2012 presidential election may have been President Obama’s domination of the Hispanic vote, and rightfully so. But as we close the book on the election, it bears noting that another less obvious bloc of key swing state voters helped the president win a second term. They’re […]

There is hope!-TX Rick Perry says he’s ‘tempted’ to run for president pressure is on for Rick Perry to reverse his position and abandon his longtime refusal to consider a race for president. Conservative pundits have been begging the conservative Texan to enter the enthusiasm-challenged GOP presidential field. Every interview, every press availability in the past week has included at least one question about a possible […]

Albert Mohler on the Glenn Beck issue

CHRISTIANPOST.COM– “There is something very strange going on here. I don’t understand the disconnect on the part of Christians,” “What concerned me about that event on the mall was not so much Glenn Beck and the politicians in the program; it was the picture of those religious leaders standing together,” “The bottom line is … […]

Perry Offered Consolation Meeting After Request for Obama Face Time Denied

FOX News-The White House apparently offered a consolation meeting to Texas Gov. Rick Perry after he was denied face time with President Obama on his trip to Fort Bliss Tuesday. The Republican governor’s spokeswoman said Perry’s request for a presidential meeting to discuss border security was rebuffed. According to Perry spokeswoman Katherine Cesinger, White House […]


A friend sent this to me today in an email…. I have often wondered why it is that the conservatives are called the “right” and the liberals are called the “left.”  By chance a friend stumbled upon this verse in the Bible:  Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV) “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but […]