A Comparison of ‘The Purpose Drive Life’ and ‘Slave’-On Salvation | Jeremiah Johnson

from Grace to You: In fact, he makes it clear that any gospel that skirts the lordship of Christ is no gospel at all. Amazingly, in spite of the clear teaching of Scripture and the faithful witness of Protestant church history, most of the trends in contemporary evangelicalism actually attack the lordship of Christ over […]

One more time on Michael Horton and the photo with Warren…

I’m going to answer this, hopefully, one…last…time… Do I think Dr. Michael Horton compromised the faith by taking a photo with Rick Warren? No. Am I ready to throw Dr. Horton under the bus for taking the photo? No Would I have taken the photo? No If Dr. Horton cared about my advice or opinion, […]

Rick Warren’s Infiltration of the Reformed Faith

This is an excerpt from an article at Worldview Times. You can read the entire article at http://www.worldviewweekend.com/worldview-times/article.php?articleid=7007 There is irrefutable evidence that Rick Warren is a false teacher who terribly mishandles the Word of God for his own spiritual agenda. That is why Warren’s photo ops with Reformed leaders do nothing for the truth, and they […]

Warren calls for radical yes…but to what?

I’m always amazed whenever there is a story concerning Rick Warren where he shares “his wisdom” in areas of theology. In a ChristianPost.com article titled Rick Warren Urges Pastors to Say Radical ‘Yes’ to God, he makes his usual misleading, foggy and sometimes, outright erroneous statements such as: Pastor Rick Warren kicked off the 2011 Radicalis […]

Warren at Piper Conference-“Nothing happens till somebody starts dreaming. What we need today are great dreamers.”

A great commentary at the website of Sola Sisters, concerning the message given by Rick Warren at the recent Desiring God 2010 conference hosted by John Piper. Warren was not able to attend the conference personally but rather submitted a video message. I will offer my comments on a future post. But this is not […]