Is the Reformation Over?

by Dr. R.C. Sproul Is the Reformation over? There have been several observations rendered on this subject by those I would call “erstwhile evangelicals.” One of them wrote, “Luther was right in the sixteenth century, but the question of justification is not an issue now.” A second self-confessed evangelical made a comment in a press […]

Truth: The Absolute Necessity for Reformation…recovering sola scriptura in the proclamation of the gospel

by Steve Camp, CamponThis   Reformation means: to right the wrong; to remedy error; to be returning to a rightful course; to rescue from erroneousness. The Greek word rendered reformation (diorphosis) means emendation, improvement, reform. It refers to putting a thing back in correct or upright condition; making it better; or raising up and restoring that […]

MCP Alert! Thomas Ascol on Tuesday

Should the church seek revival or reformation? That is a question that I have pondered and we will discuss it with Dr. Thomas Ascol, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida and Executive Director of Founders Ministries and Editor of the Founders Journal.  Dr. Ascol says revival or reformation is something that he […]

Everybody Wants Reformation… but who is willing to let goods and kindred go?

Source: Audience One Ministries A earnest plea for a day of prayer and fasting. No fanfare; no programs; no religious leaders jockeying for media attention; no K-Street spin; no DVD’s or MP3’s to profit from; no books to promote; no CD’s to sell; no contests to judge; and no personality driven agendas to tolerate. But […]