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Pastor Jeff Noblit and The True Church

I had the wonderful honor of interviewing Pastor Jeff Noblit on The Mike Corley Program recently. Brother Jeff is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Muscle Shoals, Alabama. We discussed the upcoming True Church Conference set for May 3-6 at First Baptist. God is doing some tremendous things through the ministry there and I am looking forward to attending. In fact, we plan on doing the radio broadcast from the church on Thursday May 3. The program airs at 12 noon central time and can be heard live at You can listen to the interview with Pastor Jeff Noblit by CLICKING HERE.

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Everybody Wants Reformation… but who is willing to let goods and kindred go?

Source: Audience One Ministries

A earnest plea for a day of prayer and fasting.

No fanfare; no programs; no religious leaders jockeying for media attention; no K-Street spin; no DVD’s or MP3’s to profit from; no books to promote; no CD’s to sell; no contests to judge; and no personality driven agendas to tolerate. But simply God’s people taking leave from the duties of their daily lives to humbly seek the Lord to bring revival, repentance, and reform to His church once again.

We need a new Reformation today beloved; we need another Great Awakening!

“O Christian, never be proud of things that are so transient, injurious, and uncertain as the riches of this evil world! But set your heart on the true and durable riches of grace in Christ Jesus.” -ISAAC AMBROSE

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Has the Roman Catholic church really changed?

source: Ken Silva, Apprising Minsiries 

When dealing with the subject of the Roman Catholic Church as evangelical Protestants it is imperative to understand that absolutely nothing substantially has changed with the Church of Rome regarding their official core dogmas as they were pronounced by the Council of Trent. This was the historic Council held by the Roman Catholic Church in response to Luther and the Reformers and ran from 1545-1563. Continue reading

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A Clarion Call to Reformation

I have been greatly blessed by and taught by the ministry of Steve Camp. In this article, Steve Camp repeats his cry to the church to reform especially to the clergy.

Reclaiming a Reverence for God in Ministry – a clarion call for reformation

Good afternoon/evening internet theologues, blogging Biblicists, conservative orthodox historical doctrinists, and all who love truth, justice and the biblical way.

Many of you have read the 107 THESES that I wrote nine years ago. I have made one slight update on the subtitle above: this is no longer a call to reformation for Christian music, but for Christian ministry. It is no secret, the current state of evangelicalism moving away from biblical truth is eroding dramatically almost monthly with no corrective in sight. There needs to be a clarion call for action in evangelicalism today that I am now reoffering The 107 THESES as one such call. Continue reading

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