A Comparison of ‘The Purpose Drive Life’ and ‘Slave’-On Salvation | Jeremiah Johnson

from Grace to You: In fact, he makes it clear that any gospel that skirts the lordship of Christ is no gospel at all. Amazingly, in spite of the clear teaching of Scripture and the faithful witness of Protestant church history, most of the trends in contemporary evangelicalism actually attack the lordship of Christ over […]

Marsha West | Rick Warren and Joel Osteen Acquiesce to Oprah

By Erin Benzinger, Christian Research Network Last week, two of America’s most well-known pastors sat down with the queen of television and one of the most influential propagators of New Age thought, Oprah Winfrey. Rick Warren and Joel Osteen each filmed separate episodes for upcoming episodes of Winfrey’s Lifeclass. In her latest article, Marsha West […]

Obama and same-sex marriage…Andy Stanley and homosexuality…Dispensationalism and Israel

Mike examines and comments on several issues including Barack Obamas admission that he supports same-sex marriage; the controversy involving Atlanta pastor Andy Stanley and homosexuality and the recent article by Albert Mohler calling Stanley to account; and a brief comment on the subjects of dispensationalism and Israel which includes an audio clip by John MacArthur. […]

My 2 cents…

Here is my 2 cents on several headlines on the Communist-in-Chief- Barack Hussein Obama…. Obama to Cut Healthcare Benefits for Troops Hypocrite…his goal is to destroy this country… The president’s ‘mysterious, disappearing faith-based council’…Not surprising since his “faith-based council” was nothing more than a facade to attempt to appease certain groups and give another illusion […]

Another Reason Why the Daniel Plan is Dangerous – Rick Warren’s Dr. Mark Hyman Points Followers to the Dalai Lama

from Lighthouse Trails Research The following article has been posted on Dr. Mark Hyman’s website. Dr. Hyman is one of the three New Age mysticism promoting doctors who Rick Warren is using to teach Christians about good health. While Rick Warren has defended his actions (and been virtually unchallenged by Christian leaders) in turning to […]

MacArthur mentions Piper/Warren in interview on the Reformed Revival…

Finally…someone in leadership comments on the Piper/Warren connection! In this clip from an interview with John MacArthur, at about the 4:45 mark, Dr. MacArthur mentions Piper and Warren by name and does so not in the most glowing context. I hope there is an instance where Dr. MacArthur can elaborate in the future.

The Piper-Warren Interview…the love-fest continues

My friend and brother Ken Silva reports at Apprising Ministries on the lovey-dovey interview by John Piper with Rick Warren. You must read all of the articles for yourself. I planb to offer my two-cents on the radio program or on a special podcast this week…or both. John Piper’s Interview With Rick Warren At Saddleback […]