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Marsha West | Rick Warren and Joel Osteen Acquiesce to Oprah

By Erin Benzinger, Christian Research Network

Last week, two of America’s most well-known pastors sat down with the queen of television and one of the most influential propagators of New Age thought, Oprah Winfrey. Rick Warren and Joel Osteen each filmed separate episodes for upcoming episodes of Winfrey’s Lifeclass. In her latest article, Marsha West asks some crucial questions. She writes:

So, what is going on in the visible Church?

Glad you asked. In a word: syncretism. Syncretism occurs when elements of other religious beliefs are mashed into mainstream Protestant denominations.

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Obama and same-sex marriage…Andy Stanley and homosexuality…Dispensationalism and Israel

Mike examines and comments on several issues including Barack Obamas admission that he supports same-sex marriage; the controversy involving Atlanta pastor Andy Stanley and homosexuality and the recent article by Albert Mohler calling Stanley to account; and a brief comment on the subjects of dispensationalism and Israel which includes an audio clip by John MacArthur.

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Rick Warren,Chrislam & The OC Register

from Christian Research Network


In a post yesterday entitled “Rick Warren directly contradicts what was reported in the OC Register”, I documented some of the statements by Saddleback pastor Rick Warren, as well as online resources that shows that the story that Rick Warren is using doesn’t line up with the facts reported by the Orange County Register’s reporter Jim Hinch – facts that were vetted by pastor Rick Warren’s own staff.

Thanks to my friend Christine Pack of Sola Sister blog (http://solasisters.blogspot.com/) for doing the research that makes this post necessary. Doing a little comparison, Christine compares what Rick Warren stated publicly with what’s also said publicly by other sources.

Click here to see a clear comparison of what pastor Rick Warren said and what three documented sources show is clearly at odds with our friendly neighborhood megachurch pastor.

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My 2 cents…

Here is my 2 cents on several headlines on the Communist-in-Chief- Barack Hussein Obama….

Obama to Cut Healthcare Benefits for Troops Hypocrite…his goal is to destroy this country…

The president’s ‘mysterious, disappearing faith-based council’…Not surprising since his “faith-based council” was nothing more than a facade to attempt to appease certain groups and give another illusion that he is religious.

NYT: Obama using Espionage Act to ‘silence and prosecute federal workers’… Not only is Obama the most inept president this country has ever known, but he is also the most dishonest.

Israel Won’t Warn US Of a Strike on Iran?….The official reason is they don’t want America to have to take the blame for not trying to stop Israel from going through with the op. I think the real reason is because they think we can’t be trusted, and with a closet Muslim as president, who can blame them?

Rick Warren builds bridge to Muslims….I will talk about this in more detail on this week’s radio program, but suffice to say, it is still my opinion that Rick Warren is a false prophet.

Another Reason Why the Daniel Plan is Dangerous – Rick Warren’s Dr. Mark Hyman Points Followers to the Dalai Lama

from Lighthouse Trails Research

The following article has been posted on Dr. Mark Hyman’s website. Dr. Hyman is one of the three New Age mysticism promoting doctors who Rick Warren is using to teach Christians about good health. While Rick Warren has defended his actions (and been virtually unchallenged by Christian leaders) in turning to three New Age doctors for counsel and leadership for possibly millions of people, this article below is a perfect example why it is harmful and misleading for Christian leaders to associate with and promote those teaching mysticism and New Age ideologies.

by Mark Hyman [this is not an endorsement but is posted here for informational and research purposes]

“THE MIND HAS GREAT influence over the body, and maladies often have their origin there.” — Moliere

What were Dean Ornish, Mehmet Oz, Dan Brown, the Dalai Lama, and I all doing in Woodstock, New York?

We — along with an assortment of Tibetan monks and doctors, Buddhist scholars, meditation researchers, and prize-winning biomedical scientists in the field of aging, the immune system, stem cells, genetics, brain aging, stress physiology, and more from MIT, Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Duke, and UCSF — were all part of a special conference at the Menla Center. Click here to read more. (please use caution and discernment when on Dr. Hyman’s website.)