From the Mailbag!

Special Podcast Version including a Bonus Segment! Mike finally opens the mailbag to read and answer emails from listeners, on subjects such as John MacArthur and “Lordship Salvation”, Rob Bell and Hell, and Roman Catholicism. Plus, special guest Donna Reine talks about her missions work in Canada and India. Listen now– Podcast Download MP3

Rob Bell: a Brother to Embrace, or a Wolf to Avoid?

Dr. John MacArthur offers some insight on Rob Bell in this article at Grace to You blog. Given those facts, you might think any true evangelical would reject Bell and his teaching outright. But evidently many in the American evangelical movement think they are obliged simply to accept at face value Bell’s claim of orthodoxy. No […]

Driscoll: Without Jesus, You Go to Hell

from a article by Audrey Barrick ….. In admittedly his most difficult sermon in 15 years of ministry, Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll made it abundantly clear that hell is real and is the destination for those who don’t trust in Jesus. “Let me say it clearly, … plainly, … loudly: You are in danger. […]

Albert Mohler-We Have Seen All This Before: Rob Bell and the (Re)Emergence of Liberal Theology

from Missing from his Gospel is any clear reference to Christ, any adequate understanding of our sin, any affirmation of the holiness of God and his pledge to punish sin, any reference to the shed blood of Christ, his death on the cross, his substitutionary atonement, and his resurrection, and, so tellingly, any reference […]