Theology of Worldviews,Existentialism

Whether many know it or will acknowledge it, the predominant worldview is that of existentialism, or the belief that it’s man’s feelings that determine reality. On this installment of Theology 101, Mike and pastor Scott Reiber explore the definition of existentialism, it’s causes, it’s expressions, how it contradicts the Christian faith and how believers should […]

Theology 101-Pragmatism

Dr. R.C. Sproul once said, “Modern man wastes little time thinking about ultimate or religious questions. The pragmatist is basically skeptical or agnostic about man’s ability to discover ultimate truth…” On this program, Mike and Pastor Scott Reiber discuss the philospohy of pragmatism, or ‘the end justify the means’, contrasting how Christianity and its competitors […]

Questions a Traditional Southern Baptist Want to Ask a Calvinist-Part 1

Mike and Scott Reiber begin a series of discussions concerning 17 questions that are one pastor’s study in which the goal is to debunk Calvinsim. On this program they begin by addressing the subjects of election and original sin. Stay tuned…you DONT want to miss these programs! Mike also recommends you download a past program […]