4 Essentials for Spiritual Maturity| Kent Hughes

from Ligonier.org When the New Testament addresses spiritual maturity, it uses the common Greek word teleios, which means “perfect” or “complete.” When it is applied to Christian growth, it indicates spiritual maturity in contrast to childlike immaturity as, for example, in this command from Paul: “Brothers, do not be children in your thinking. Be infants […]

Growing into Conformity

from the Ligonier Daily Devotional The modern distinction between the “carnal Christian” and the “Spirit-filled Christian” is a dangerous one. If a carnal Christian is described as one whose fallen nature has not yet been changed by grace, it is a contradiction in terms. If a person is carnal in the sense that the Holy […]

What Doctrines Are Fundamental? (Part 1) by John MacArthur

from Pulpit Magazine : How can a Christian determine which doctrines are essential and which are not? To begin with, the strongest words of condemnation in all the New Testament are aimed at false teachers who corrupt the Gospel. Therefore the Gospel message itself must be acknowledged as a primary point of fundamental doctrine. But what […]