6 Reasons Every Christian Should Study Theology | Dr. James P. Boyce

from Equip/Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Abstract of Systematic Theology, the systematic theology textbook written by Southern Seminary founder James P. Boyce (1827-1888). The advantages of studying theology systematically are several. 1. We thus ascertain all that nature and the Scriptures teach on each point. 2. We compare […]

The Five Points of Calvinism and Covenant Theology | Tom Hicks

from Founders Ministries In recent years, there has been a recovery of the five points of Calvinism among many evangelicals, but there has not been a concomitant revival of the covenant theology of seventeenth century Puritanism as the rich soil in which Calvinistic soteriology grows. This post will not attempt to thoroughly defend every doctrine […]

An Interview with J.I. Packer: Should Every Christian Study Theology?

from CCC Discover Editor’s note: Our staff had the opportunity to talk to J.I. Packer about the state of the church. During the interview, church unity became a subject of discussion. Packer argued that for the sake of unity, the church needs to be united around theology, the content of the Christian faith. Here J.I. […]

Semi-Pelagianism | Matt Slick, CARM

(My Note: Sadly, Semi=Pelagianism represents the theology of many churches today, especially in America, and Semi-Pelagianism is error.) from Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry/CARM Semi-Pelagianism is a weaker form of Pelagianism (a heresy derived from Pelagius who lived in the 5th century A.D. and was a teacher in Rome). Semi-Pelagianism (advocated by Cassian at Marseilles, […]

Holding to Sound Doctrine | John MacArthur

from Grace to You One of the Devil’s more subtle schemes is leading believers away from sound doctrine. He knows that his best chance of immobilizing an effective Christian witness is through distraction with unscriptural, questionable, irrational, and shifting doctrines. Even if we are not affected by any particular infiltration of false doctrine, our Christian […]

Why Theological Study Is for Everyone | Jared Wilson

from Ligonier.org Every Christian must be a theologian. In a variety of ways, this is something I tell my church often. And the looks I get from some surprised souls are the evidence that I have not yet adequately communicated that the purposeful theological study of God by lay people is important. Many times the […]

The State of Theology: What’s Our Theological Temperature? | Stephen Nichols

from Ligonier.org What is our theological temperature? To answer this question, we recently partnered with Lifeway Research to conduct a poll of 43 questions relating to the doctrines of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, sin, salvation, the Bible, the church, and ethics. You can read all about the survey and see all the results at […]