Kenneth Hagin’s Forgotten Warning | J. Lee Grady

(I share this as I read this article one day and the next I watched a portion of a Kenneth Copeland meeting where Gloria Copeland was shouting the mantra “Money, Come to Me” and promoting the hundered-fold blessing concept. Apparently Brother Hagin’s warning and rebuke didnt carry far.) – Charismatic Bible teacher Kenneth Hagin […]

Did Paula Make a “White-lie”?

This story comes from, exposing more lies and outright heresy in the Word of Faith circles of celebrity preachers, this time involving Paula White and the self-proclaimed rabbi Ralph Messer. Again, this display with the Torah is an abomination. Apprising Ministries began covering an odd story that broke over the weekend in Pastrix Paula White Set […]

Christian Post-Televangelist Juanita Bynum Raises Brows With ‘Tongues’ Prayer on Facebook

Even more evidence of the lunacy, ignorance and apostasy of people like Juanita Bynum (and those that ‘follow’ her) in this story of her writing a message in tongues. What a hellish abuse of Scripture! You can read the entire article at In the third post, published about a minute later, the “tongues” text […]

The “you’ve got to be kidding” moment of the week

Dallas-based, Southern Baptist-when-he-feels-like-it pastor Ed Young, Jr., spoke at his C3 Conference the other day on the subject of honor. Young always seems to pick the best choice of words to make his points (I say sarcastically)…. Just as a sick person becomes a carrier of the flu virus, he said, Christians, likewise, who receive […]

Albert Mohler -”The Osteen Moment – Your Own Moment Will Come Soon Enough”

Joel Osteen didn’t get where he is today by staking out controversial positions on biblical and moral issues. Now, however, Osteen finds himself in the midst of controversy. Last night, Joel and Victoria Osteen appeared together on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight and, boxed in by Morgan, Joel Osteen reluctantly confessed that he believes homosexuality to […]

Brannon Howse-Joel Osteen’s New Age Life Now?

from Worldview Weekend: "Whatever you conceive you can achieve." With this favorite karma-changing promise, New Agers believe you need only use the "unlimited" power and consciousness of your mind to bring about all your dreams, desires and wishes. Cloaked in a "Christian" package, Joel Osteen’s Your Best Life Now, bears an uncomfortable and dangerous similarity […]

Rick Warren Tweets Joyce Meyer

from the blog Slaughter of the Sheep   Because of something Christine Pack, of Sola Sisters blog, said on Facebook, I started browsing through Rick Warren’s Twitter feed. I found a tweet that is extremely curious. Here it is: “We’ll never grow to spiritual maturity until we learn to do what’s right even when it […]