The Jesus You Can’t Ignore | What You Must Learn from the Bold Confrontations of Christ

“These days, Jesus is often portrayed as a pacifist, a philanthropist, or a docile teacher. He strikes a plastic—and sometimes pathetic—pose in the minds of many. Some prefer the meek and mild Jesus who heals the sick, calms fears, and speaks of peace and goodwill. These things do represent a portion of the Messiah. But tragically, too many have never been exposed to the rest of him. They have never seen a full 360-degree view of the Savior. Until now.”

Like an investigative journalist on a mission, best-selling author and teacher John MacArthur walks through the gospel records and shows you a remarkable and compelling picture of the Jesus you can’t ignore. In this classic episode of The Mike Corley Program, Mike shares an interview between Grace to You Executive Director Phil Johnson and author of the book John MacArthur. Get a copy of the book at Grace to You.

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Paul Meets Muhammad | A Christian-Muslim Debate on the Resurrection

Imagine if the Apostle Paul were alive to defend the truth of Jesus’s resurrection-only to be countered by none other than the prophet Muhammad himself. In an interview from February 2006, Mike visits with Michael R. Licona, author of the book Paul Meets Muhammad: A Christian-Muslim Debate on the Resurrection as he describes an invention that can make historical figures appear alive and present. Imagining an audience of both Christians and Muslims, Licona crafts a lively debate between Paul and Muhammad, each speaking on and analyzing the validity of the Qur’an, the gospel accounts, and both Christian and Muslim doctrine.

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The Deliberate Church

While he is away, Mike offers this repeat broadcast of an interview with Dr. Mark Dever on the subject of a book he co-authored with Paul Alexander entitled The Deliberate Church-Building Your Ministry on the Gospel. Dr. Dever explains how this book provides a model of a biblical church and how it is a highly practical resource that proposes an attitude of complete reliance on and submission to the Gospel in building a healthy church.