What is the standard for Christian faith?

What is the standard for your faith as a Christian? Shouldn’t the Word of God be the standard for all life and godliness ( 1 Peter 1:3) In this program, Mike examines how Christians must judge all things through the lens, the standard , of Scripture. Also, a follow-up on the previous program on election, […]

Theology 101-Pragmatism Pt 2

In the Gospel of John 17:17, the Lord Jesus said, “Sanctify them [1] in the truth; Your word is truth.” In this repeat broadcast, Mike and Pastor Scott Reiber continue their study on the subject of worldviews, concluding their discussion on pragmatism. Is truth that which works? What do many say that Christianity is not practical? How prevalent is pragmatism […]

Audio Housecleaning

As Mike takes some time off….he is having an audio house cleaning today, sharing great classic audio from Paul Washer, Mark Driscoll, John MacArthur, John Piper, Alistair Begg and more. Plus great Sermon Jams production featuring John Piper on Checking Yourself, and Mark Driscoll on American Idols. Plus Mike reads a few emails from listeners.  Additional resources: 1031 […]

Theology 101-Revisiting Pragmatism

Dr. R.C. Sproul once said, “Modern man wastes little time thinking about ultimate or religious questions. The pragmatist is basicalkly skeptical or agnostic about man’s ability to discover ultimate truth…” On this special repeat broadcast, Mike and Pastor Scott Reiber discuss the philospohy of pragmatism, or ‘the end justify the means’, contrasting how Christianity and […]

Challenging the caricatures of Calvinism

In this repeat broadcast, Mike shares an article by Dr. Thomas Ascol of Founder Ministries  in which he writes,” I hope I live long enough to see the day when the common caricatures of the doctrines of sovereign grace have been so widely exposed that any self-respecting preacher will be ashamed to keep serving them up […]

Revisting Lakeshore

In this repeat broadcast, we share our experience of being at Lakeshore Baptist Church recently and seeing firsthand the ministry that is ongoing there for victims of Hurricane Katrina that devastated the area in 2005. On today’s program, we let you hear the voices, the testimonies and the sounds from Lakeshore, including conversations with Ruth Boyd and […]