The Sinners Prayer—Ed Young Jr’s Deformed Preaching

Mike Corley and Pastor Scott Reiber discuss two issues in this SPECIAL EXTENDED PODCAST. First, they discuss “The Sinner’s Prayer”; is it scriptural?…what are the concerns when leading someone in the prayer? Second, Dallas pastor Ed Young Jr. delivered a message recently calling Reformed Theology, “Deformed Theology”, and made some very insulting and ignorant comments […]

The Southern Baptist Convention and Salvation

Mike Corley and Pastor Scott Reiber comment on the document A Statement of the Traditional Southern Baptist Understanding of God’s Plan of Salvation, as well as other issues that may have influenced this stand by some leaders in the denomination, which some voices, even within the SBC itself, are calling Semi-Pelagian. Additional Resources: A Statement […]

The Error Called Decisional Regeneration

How does a person become a Christian; born again; saved; regenerated? Is it initiated when one “chooses” Jesus? Or is it a total work of God’s grace and man has no role in it? In this program Mike uses some audio from CrossTV to talk about “decisional regeneration”. Listen now– Podcast Download MP3