Some upcoming posts…..

Here are some topics that I will be writing about:

A review of John MacArthur’s upcoming book The Truth War. I received a copy of Dr. MacArthur’s manuscript of the book and it is awesome.

What is the real meaning behind the concept in churches today of “community”? I hear it a lot, “What we need is more community.” “We need a greater sense of community.”

Why is it inappropriate to address a pastor by his first name, but perfectly acceptable to refer to the Savior of the world by His first name? You can say Jesus and even J.C., but if you refer to a pastor by anything else but Dr. or Brother so-and-so, you are being disrespectful.

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It’s all about me…..

Where are we called as Christians to entertain? Where are we called to use our “gift” to thrill people, or to stir emotions, let alone use talents and abilities we claim God has given us, to compete in a contest where the main objective is for someone to like us well enough that we are…the winner.


I just witnessed a sad and selfish display called Gifted, a terribly misdirected attempt to capitalize on the trashy reality show/American idol craze, and put a Christian spin on it. It was all I could do to sit and listen to Matt Crouch and his wife pull scripture out of context to justify what is nothing more than sorry production to glorify the flesh.


Matt Crouch was so happy to outline all the conditions of the competition, including that pastors across American opened their churches to TBN to host auditions. But not only that, the pastor of the winning church, the church that hosted the winning contestant, would receive $10,000.00. Really makes you think about the old game show shout, “Come on down!”


The “contestants” were obviously talented, even the one young man who wore eyeliner and whose hair stood straight up in the air. But I think about a spiritual upbringing some these “kids” have had, that has them convinced that what they are doing on this program somehow glorifies the Lord of Righteousness. What have they gone through or been taught in their lives? That part is heart breaking.


I heard a lot about being a rock star, being a super star, having a good performance, being an artist and hitting it big in the “Christian music world”. I heard nothing about denying self, taking up the cross daily and following Him, Luke 9:23. 

 What a hideous and shocking display. I think the words of the programs host said a lot about it all, “God bless you and good luck”. Yep, totally oxymoronic.

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Rick Warren and The Purpose of Christmas

Rick Warren was given prime time on the world’s most watched television news network on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to tell the world about the purpose of Christmas.  Once again, in my humble opinion, he flubbed it.

I had hoped to share clips of Warren’s “message” on my radio program today, but with family commitments, I have not had the time to edit the audio as needed. I will be commenting on the Warren program and Joel Osteens appearance on the Larry King Live program later in the week.

But just a couple of quick comments about the Warren broadcast. Rick Warren is consistent if nothing else. The Purpose of Christmas broadcast was a big disappointment and filled with cavalier misapplications of scripture , use of multiple translations to prove Warren’s distorted views of the Gospel, and the self-serving effort at pushing the Purpose Driven false gospel. There was even a Bette Midler quote thrown in just for good measure.

I don’t know what other evidence people would need, to realize that Warren is indeed a false prophet and the Purpose Driven gospel is apostate.

 More to come………

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Hello and to God be the glory!

Hello and welcome to my new blog site. I am excited about the coming new year and what God has prepared for us. We are so blessed and so humbled to be a small part of what God is doing. I encourage you to place this site in your favorites and subscribe to our RSS feed. Also, visit our radio program site and listen to the our daily broadcast as well as any of the faithful ministries that are a part of this work.

 These are indeed challenging times, but God is sovereign and His will be done.

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