Pastor Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries and SliceofLaodicea.com will join us on The Mike Corley Program on Wednesday January 3, 2006. The topic of discussion will be the emergent church and especially the growing influence of  this heresy within the Southern Baptist Convention. We will discuss the movement and some of its leaders such as Erwin McManus, […]

Why don’t just you just preach the positives?

This from a post on Slice of Laodicea.com from July 18, 2006  “I Only Preach The Positives” It’s an out-of-balance problem for most of the seeker sensitive movement to some degree or another, but it’s perhaps the most exaggerated in the TV preacher and pastor of the country’s largest church, Joel Osteen. In numerous TV interviews, […]

What Doctrines Are Fundamental? (Part 1) by John MacArthur

from Pulpit Magazine : How can a Christian determine which doctrines are essential and which are not? To begin with, the strongest words of condemnation in all the New Testament are aimed at false teachers who corrupt the Gospel. Therefore the Gospel message itself must be acknowledged as a primary point of fundamental doctrine. But what […]