AFA President Responds to Contempative Issue

American Family President Tim Wildmon has issued a response to charges that the organization is supporting heresy by offering materials on their website bookstore that promotes such issues as the emrgent church and the contempative spiritualities.

In the story released on Christian Worldview Network, Wildmon said,

As president of the American Family Association I am stating, for the record, that we do not endorse the contemplative prayer movement or the so-called emerging church movement. AFA has an on-line bookstore that is computer generated and run by an outside company that services other Christian ministries as well. I have personally asked this company to block the words ‘contemplative prayer’ and ‘emerging church’ as subjects to search on our bookstore. In addition, we have also blocked certain authors. Hundreds of new books, tapes, CD’s and DVD’s are added to the bookstore library every week so this is a task to keep up with. However, the only products people really buy from our on-line bookstore are products promoted by American Family Association or American Family Radio. The only people who come to our website looking for books on contemplative prayer or the emerging church — because AFA doesn’t promote these movements — are people who are trying to see if they can find some ‘dirt’ on AFA and then put out misleading reports on their websites. 

”Some of this false reporting that AFA was supporting contemplative prayer came as a result of an article promoting a contemplative prayer book that mistakenly ran on Agape Press, a news agency owned by AFA, in the fall of 2006. This was one article that appeared for only a few hours which I personally had removed once I learned of it from a phone call from Worldview Weekend president Brannon Howse who has done as much as anyone to sound the alarm on the dangers of these New Age practices that are becoming more mainstream in today’s churches. In addition, Brannon and I co-host a radio program each week on AFR called Christian Worldview this Week and we have had many guests and authorities who have exposed what both contemplative prayer and the emerging church are all about. AFA also sponsors the Worldview Weekend conferences that educate attendees about these problems and AFR News has reported many times about them.”

Even though it has been my opinion that in the last five years or so, AFA has softened its approach on the issues, I am willing to give them and Tim Wildmon credit for addressing this issue, and I will wait to see if direct and decisive action is taken to remove all materials that promote the contemplative and the emergent. If I were to speak to Mr. Wildmon or if he happened to read this post, I would encouarge him to immediately distance himself from all the matters in question and to get back to being the tenacious bulldog it was once in the battle for truth and righteousness.

5 Puritan Evangelism Lessons For Todays Churches

I love Jim Bublitzs web blog I recommend you make it one your most important sites and visit every day.

Quoting Joel Beeke from Puritan Reformed Spirituality…..

“The Word of God is preached too often today in a way that will not transform listeners because it fails to discriminate and fails to apply. Such preaching is reduced to a lecture, a demonstration, a catering to what people want to hear, or the kind of subjectivism that is divorced from the foundation of scripture . . . Reformed and Puritan preachers applied their sermons to every part of life, all of Scripture to the entire man. They were unashamedly doctrinal. We can learn much from them on how to evangelize, such as: Read More »

Has the Roman Catholic church really changed?

source: Ken Silva, Apprising Minsiries 

When dealing with the subject of the Roman Catholic Church as evangelical Protestants it is imperative to understand that absolutely nothing substantially has changed with the Church of Rome regarding their official core dogmas as they were pronounced by the Council of Trent. This was the historic Council held by the Roman Catholic Church in response to Luther and the Reformers and ran from 1545-1563. Read More »

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones on Modern Evangelism

The following is an excerpt of an interview with the late Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, conducted by the late Dr. Carl F.H. Henry. The interview appeared in Christianity Today in 1980.

Q: What specific reservations do you have about modern evangelism as such?

A: I am unhappy about organized campaigns and even more about the invitation system of calling people forward. Mark you, I consider Billy Graham an utterly honest, sincere and genuine man. He, in fact, asked me in 1963 to be chairman of the first Congress on Evangelism, then projected for Rome, not Berlin. I said I’d make a bargain; if he would stop the general sponsorship of campaigns-stop having liberals and Roman Catholics on the platform and drop the invitation system (altar calls), I would whole-heartedly support him and chair the congress. We talked for hours, but he didn’t accept these conditions.

I just can’t subscribe to the idea that either congresses or campaigns really deal with the situation. The facts, I feel, substantiate my point of view; in spite of all that has been done in the last 20 or 25 years, the spiritual situation has deteriorated rather than improved. I am convinced that nothing can avail but churches and ministers on their knees in total dependence on God. And long as you go on organizing, people will fall on their knees and implore God to come and heal them. It seems to me that the campaign approach trusts ultimately in techniques rather in the power of the Spirit. Graham certainly preaches the Gospel. I would never criticize him on that score. What I have criticized, for example, is that in the Glasgow campaign he had John Sutherland Bonnell address the ministers needs. I challenged that. Graham replied, ‘You know, I have more fellowship with John Sutherland Bonnell than with many evangelical ministers.’ I replied, ‘Now it may be that Bonnell is a nicer chap than Lloyd-Jones—I will not argue that. But real fellowship is something else; I can genuinely fellowship only with someone who holds the same basic truths that I do.’

The Fruit of the Emergent Church:Dave with “Why?”

Source: Apprising Ministries 

“The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”  (Luke 6:45, ESV)

By Their Fruit We Will Know Them

Here’s yet another example of fruit from the ministries of emerging teachers like Rob Bell and Brian McLaren in the new cult of liberalism that is the Emergent Church.
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SBC Pastor Pushes Resolution Addressing Church Membership Integrity

Source-Agape Press

A Southern Baptist pastor from Florida plans to introduce a resolution at his denomination’s annual meeting that would encourage churches to do more to ensure that those who want to become members have actually been born again.

Thomas Ascol is pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida. He says although the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) claims 16 million members, statistics from LifeWay Christian Resources of the SBC showed that in 2005, only 37.2 percent of Southern Baptists attended church in a given week.

Ascol plans to introduce a resolution that would address this issue at the Southern Baptist Convention’s upcoming annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas, in June. “The church ought to be made up of regenerate church membership — those who really have been born of God’s Spirit,” he contends. Read More »

Jimmy Carter- a political, social and spiritual embarrassment

DATELINE- Atlanta, Georgia (Baptist Press)- Two days after launching his bid to lead a new Baptist movement, Jimmy Carter’s leadership of the Carter Center was rejected by 14 members of his advisory board.The 14 advisory board members at the former president’s human rights center resigned in protest Jan. 11, citing Carter’s controversial book, “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid,” and his lopsided advocacy for the Palestinian cause, The Wall Street Journal has reported. 

Well hooray to at least 14 people who see through the disingenuous veil of Jimmy Carters hypocrisy and heresy.

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**Program Alert** On Call with Dr. Dan Edney

Be sure and join Dr. Dan Edney and I tomorrow (Friday January 12) at 12 noon central, as Dr. Dan will focus on Sanctity of Human Life Month. Special guests will include Sharonda Bristow, executive director of the Center for Pregnancy Choices and Pastor Scott Reiber from Westminster Presbyterian Church, both located in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The program will be especially relevant considering the news today that the Democrat-controlled House passed a bill bolstering embryonic stem cell research that advocates say shows promise for numerous medical cures. Get biblically based perspectives from Dr. Dan and his guests, on On Call with Dr. Dan Edney. The program is also available via streaming audio by clicking Listen Live on this site.