The Most Attacked Doctrine

Best of MCP! From the original broadcast in April 2008, Dr. John MacArthur calls the doctrine of Total Depravity the “most attacked doctrine in the Christian faith. It is the most depised doctrine and consequently is the most distinctly Christian doctrine.” On this program, Mike examines the doctrine that man is spiritually dead and thus […]

Saved or Self Deceived?

Best of MCP! From the original broadcast in March, 2008, How can so many who claim to be Christians, not have a proper, scriptural understanding of salvation? As Dr. John MacArthur states in the teaching series Salvation Survey: Saved or Self Deceived?, “I am convinced that in the name of Christianity there are many places […]

Relating the Reformed faith to the world

Sharing the Reformed faith with others. Mike and Scott Reiber continue their discussion on how those who affirm the Reformed faith relate to those who do not. Can one not affirm the Doctrines of Grace and be a Christian? How can one of the Reform faith dialogue with non-reformed Christians, and do so with conviction […]