Mars Hill Pastor Ditches ‘Emerging’ Label for Jesus


“Who cares what the emerging church is doing,” he stressed. “It’s a junk drawer category for all kinds of different people. It’s highly confusing. I’m not even sure that the description is any more of benefit or use.”

Rather than labeling Mars Hill as an emerging church, he calls it a Christian church and points to only two things he and the church really care about – Jesus and the Bible.

“Here’s what we’re all about – Jesus,” Driscoll highlighted. “The emerging church will come and go. The traditional church will come and go. The church of Jesus Christ will continue.”

So whether it’s utilizing the Internet, putting up giant screens in the church, or holding an 8:30 p.m. service on Sunday to reach the late sleepers, when it comes down to it, Mars Hill works to “make much of Jesus’ name in a place that desperately needs to know how wonderful he is.”

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8 thoughts on “Mars Hill Pastor Ditches ‘Emerging’ Label for Jesus

  1. Jennifer

    Oh good grief…more arrogance from Discoll. What – does he think all the other churches who might label themselve “traditional” are not about Jesus because they happen to fit into a label.

    Why do people listen to this guy?

  2. Jennifer


    What I’m trying to say is that just becuase someone says “I dont like labels, I just like Jesus” does not mean…1. that they do not actually fall into a label, rather they like it or not…2. Just because you happen to fall into a label (“traditional” or “emerging” or whatever) does not mean you are not just as much about Jesus as someone who pretends they are above labels.

  3. Anna

    Religion Saves: The Emerging Church was a fantastic sermon, I agree!!! I have the privelage of being able to attend Mars Hill on Sunday Nights, and I’ve seen live what an impact this guy has. I continue to pray daily for him and his ministry, no one can doubt that Mark is under daily attack from the devil. I think a lot of people miss the point on this sermon, though.

  4. Douglas

    “I continue to pray daily for him and his ministry, no one can doubt that Mark is under daily attack from the devil.”

    Mark is under daily attack from the devil???? What about all the other people who are supposedly under daily attack from the devil? The devil is not omnipresent nor is he omnipotent you know. Or has the devil singled out Mark especially for daily attacks? I think Mark Driscoll is under attack from his uncontrolled old man, his old sinful nature.

    Does any one of the Driscolletes here think that the constant use by Driscoll of smutty language, scatological speech, graphic sexual descriptions of a woman’s private parts, using Scripture to humorously justify masturbatory acts, using the name of the Lord as a punch line in jokes, twisting Scripture to support degrading stories, and demonstrating little or no reverence of the fear of the Lord in public worship… and all this taking place, mind you, while ‘preaching the Word” from the pulpit, is acceptable pastoral practice and demeanor? (All of this is well documented by Driscoll’s own vodcasts and podcasts and, yes, I have read his two books and virtually listened to everything that he has released on podcast and vodcast the past three years). Aren’t any of you offended by this?” – Quote of the Day

    I think Mark Driscoll does not truly understand the awesome, holy, fearful nature of Almighty God. Not really. Using the LORD Jesus Christ as a punchline in his coarse jokes is beyond funny. How many people is Mark Driscoll actually causing to stumble by his style and methods? Only God knows the answer to that. Even if it was only one human being, Mark Driscoll will give an account to God.

    I see you do not give all the glory to God, but you praise Mark Driscoll instead. Mark Driscoll is supposed to be a faithful expositor of God’s holy word, nothing more and nothing less. The church in America seems to be on a downward slide, a downgrade.


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