SBC-Indianapolis #3 – The Resolution passes

from Dr. Tom Ascol, Founders Ministries

The Resolution Committee brought before the convention a Resolution (No. 6) “On Regenerate Church Membership and Church Member Restoration.” While I appreciate the committee’s work on bringing something before the convention, I was disappointed that significant language was excluded from their report. Bart Barber and Malcolm Yarnell shared my disappointment. There were no clear statements baptism, Lord’s Supper, discipline or repentance. In addition, there was no clear indication as to why such a resolution was necessary and nothing about denominational servants encouraging churches who try to implement changes in practicing regenerate church membership and church discipline.

After giving my written and typed notes to Dr. John Sullivan to take back to the platform, I was allowed to speak to the amendment. Following is the subtance of what I said:

Brothers and sisters, last year the convention passed a resolution affirming the legitimacy of corporate repentance. Surely, if we need to repent over anything in the SBC it is true that we need to repent over how we have failed in maintaining biblical standards in the membership of our churches.

Dr. David Dockery, President of Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, a Southern Baptist Statesman who is second to none, and author of the highly acclaimed Southern Baptist Consensus and Renewal–a book endorsed by Danny Akin, Thom Rainer, Timothy George, John Sullivan, Morris Chapman, Frank Page and Jimmy Draper, was interviewed last week about the very subject of this resolution.

I want to read the brief excerpt from his insightful comments. The article said,

[Dr.] Dockery affirms the call for repentance expressed by one of the resolutions proposed for the annual meeting.

“We need to repent of our lack of concern for biblical faithfulness in our concern and care for church members,” he said. “We need to repent of the way the way we often allow people to join local churches without stressing the covenantal aspect of membership. We need to repent of the fact that we have largely neglected any aspect of church discipline that would have helped us begin to address some of these matters.”

Brothers and sisters, surely we can all say, “Amen!” to Dr. Dockery’s call for repentance by affirming the amendment to this resolution.

Read the entire article…..

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2 thoughts on “SBC-Indianapolis #3 – The Resolution passes

  1. Diane R

    I’m not a Southern Baptist but in my reading of many books by leaders fo the [so-called] emergent churches, I’ve noticed how many So. Baptists pastors are among them. I am believing more and more that the So. Baptist leaders find themselves in a bind (as do other denominational leaders too). They see that they are losing the 18-35 year olds (as are most churches today) and they see their emergent pastors are retaining them. So, up until now the leaders haven’t really come out against the heresy contained in these churches. In fact, they have chosen to play the monkey game – “I see nothing, know nothing, hear nothing.” Basically, we are once again seeing liberal Protestantism flood into the evangelical church much like it did 100 years ago. It might be under another name (emergent) but many tenets of it are in that movement. Repentence isn’t a biggie unless it’s repentence for social ills like not helping the poor. It doesn’t surprise me at all that the So. Baptists are so vague. IMO it’s simply an accomodation of the emergents (as well as not having empty churches void of other age groups too). Oh by the way, it didn’t surprise me that Albert Mohler was elected as he is “on” to the whole emergent thing.

  2. Jodey Hogeland

    I am ecstatic to see that our denominational leadership is finally coming to an understanding of silent corruption that has embedded itself within our local church bodies. Week after week local fellowships are adding cancers to the body instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to surgically remove the portions which are unregenerate. Many have become so “my” church minded that they forget entirely that we are to make disciples of all nations and preach the gospel to every tongue and tribe. There is way too much focus on building “My” church instead of building Christ’s church. We are HIS witnesses (Act 1:8) and not our own.

    The body of Christ is holy and precious, not the cool Starbucks flavor of the day. We gather at Christ’s calling and are born again at the imputation of His righteousness. Somewhere in all of this lies the deceptive work of the adversary who wants to infiltrate growing and healthy fellowships. In doing so, membership roles grow but spiritual rebirth and depth does not.

    Why is it that many senior adults that have been in local fellowships their entire adult life cannot intelligently iterate the basic fundamentals of the gospel? Why is it that middle aged and young adults who have supposedly been Christians since they were “Baptized” at age 6 come no closer to intelligently iterating the gospel truths as their senior counterparts? Church discipline has been lacking for too long and the body of Christ is suffering from its effects.

    Last night while ministering to a non-church member in our community he made the comment that he knew he needed to be “going to church”. My words to him were that my desire was to see him saved and not necessarily a member of our local church. If he is converted by the Spirit of God than the desire for fellowship among the saints will be implanted by the same God who saves.

    Let us also repent of our “my” church focus and focus on growing the kingdom of God.


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