WANTED! A Christian who is committed to Christianity!

Call me naïve, call me hopeful or just call me a doo-doo, but I continue to be amazed at the number of people who say they are Christians, yet they are either ignorant of the commands of Scripture or just outright choose to reject it.

You would think after all I have seen, read or heard, there wouldn’t be much that would shock me….but there is. Perhaps I should say there isn’t much that shocks me anymore, but there is a lot that saddens me about the condition of Christians and the Church.

Now let me give this caveat, there are many believers who act, live, speak like Christians; who are committed to Scripture and to faithfully serving the Lord. I always have to put this qualifier after being accused so many times of lumping all Christians into the same basket. So, with that said…

Here are a few examples:

·         Pastors and preachers who think it is a good thing to incorporate cartoons clips, sporting goods, extended praise and worship sessions, or themes of dress to get people to church and hold them there.

·         People who claim to be Christians, but fins absolutely no problem with doing unethical and even immoral behavior, to accomplish a job task or to benefit personally.

·         Leaders who are say they are Christians, and want you to know they are Christians, yet Christian principles are seldom found in their day-to-day practices.

Here I guess is where the naïve part comes in, is that I see this every day. I failed to mention my classic frustration with those who say they are Christians, or maybe even will describe themselves as born-again Christians (is there any other kind?). yet they will openly, almost proudly claim, that they are too enlighten to be a part of such outdated concepts such as evangelizing, live holy lives or speaking up on behalf of the Gospel and the cause of truth and righteousness.

I think the most common example I see everyday is when it comes to the pocket book. I have shared this on the radio program many times, but in many cases if you want to divide the goats from the sheep, bring up the subject of money. Whether its giving from the pew or committing finances to a Christian effort, in many cases you can tell the bah-bahs from the nah-nahs when it comes to making or spending cash.

I have seen it from two perspectives, Christian businesses who will not support Christian efforts because they fear their support of that cause will cost them profit and/or influence; or a Christian business who will so easily put their Christianity in a drawer so they can close the sale and make the profit.

Why? Why can’t one who says they follow the King of kings, follow Him with everything they have?  Why wouldn’t any believer use everything at their disposal to proclaim the Gospel? Why would a the head of a corporation, who will tell you at the supper table that he is a member of such-and-such church, pick and choose their convictions?

I am not as much impressed or interested in how many committees you serve on or if your uncle twice removed was a missionary. I would be impressed by seeing someone stand up straight and strong and say, by their words, their deeds, their lives and theirs pocket books, that Jesus is Lord and I stand for the Lord, regardless. And you know what…..I will stand with you.

Otherwise, get with it or get out of the way.

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One thought on “WANTED! A Christian who is committed to Christianity!

  1. Nathan W. Bingham

    @Mike: But what about my ‘decision card’, doesn’t that count for something?

    Sorry to be facetious. 😉

    Your observances are accurate, and I guess at the heart of it is the easy believism vs. Lordship salvation debate.


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