My heroes have always been cowboys…..

I hesitate to post this since it is light and fluffy and serves no purpose but to point to me. But I will do it in hopes that some will read it and get the point, if it even matters.

I get lots of questions; some are of a theological nature, some concerning radio, and some personal. I have been getting a lot of questions lately concerning my personal appearance and lifestyle. For the life of me I cannot understand why anybody would care or bother to ask me about such things, but after a dozen or more times it starts become a little bothersome. So I offer some of those questions, with my response, in the following bullet points. You are free to reply and offer your two cents, but again, I would think that you have better things to do with your time.

Q- Are really 48 years old?
A- Yes, I will be 49 in September.

Q- Do you dye your hair?
A- Isn’t that obvious? No I don’t. If I did would I dye it gray?

Q-You don’t sound the same in person as you do on the radio. Why is that?
A- I will admit here for the first time….when I get behind the microphone I have a tendency to go to my “radio voice”…somewhat, and I am trying to get out of that habit. I can do many different voices and dialects, but the accent, tone and inflection you hear when you speak to me out in public, is MY voice…southern drawl, metaphors, colloquialisms and all!

Q- You have left the Guy Fieri look and gone totally western? (from my pastor…love ya dude)
A- Yes. For the better part of my life I wore hats and boots. I guess it’s my last great act of rebellion to return to my roots. I tried to be hip, with the gelled hair and goatees (I actually like the chin whiskers with no mustache look) and while some like it, it just isn’t me.

Q- Did you really ride bulls in the rodeo?
A- Yes. Actually I got on a lot of bulls. I don’t know that you would classify what I did as riding them though.

Q- Are you a cowboy? (from numerous children in supermarkets, restaurants and malls.)
A- No. My family owned and operated a farm and in the early years they raised cattle and we had horses. Later on I rodeoed a little, worked a few cows for a company and trained horses. Although it is a great compliment, I’m not a working cowboy, maybe one at heart. I love the history, the music and the literature and I collect western films as well as the writings of Will James.

Well there you go. This and 2 dollars might buy you a cup of coffee.

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