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Mike’s Note: I have this resource and it is of tremendous value! Having members of my own family involved in this cult, I recommend it highly this teaching from The Nicene Council.

The Nicene Pentecostalism traces its roots to the Azusa Street Revival of 1906.  Approximately seven years later some of the key figures in the revival rejected the Biblical and historical doctrine of the Trinity, which teaches that there is one God in three distinct persons.  They also objected to the baptismal Trinitarian formula spoken by the Lord Jesus Himself in favor of baptizing in “Jesus” name.  In 1917, the newly formed Assemblies of God, after much discussion and debate, declared the Oneness teaching heretical, labeled the adherents as a cult and adopted a Trinitarian statement of faith.  About 157 clergy, holding to the Oneness Sabellian teaching were thrown out of the new denomination.  In 1944 two of the largest groups, The Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Christ, Inc. and The Pentecostal Church, Inc. merged to form the United Pentecostal Church International.  In 1990 they had 503,600 members in the U.S. and Canada.  Not all Oneness Sabellian groups joined the newly formed denomination.  Some remained independent.  Estimated figures vary, though some sources number the adherents at about 4 million.

The “new revelation” as it was dubbed, was really nothing new, but the rebirth of an ancient heresy that had been condemned numerous times in early Church history.  Paul of Samosata, who was a monarchainist, promoted a view that depersonalized the Son or Logos as simply the inherent rationality of God.  The Synod of Antioch condemned him and his view in 268 A.D.  Sabellius articulated a more advanced view of modalism.  Sabellius taught that God was a single solitary “one”.  He believed that God appeared in “modes” or “forms” and that the Father alone was God and that the Son and Holy Spirit was simply the Father changing His appearance and becoming the Son and the Holy Spirit.  The Contemporary Oneness Sabellian heresy still holds to the main tenets of modalism with only slight differences.  They declare that the name Jesus is the name for the one God who appeared as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, hence the name “Jesus Only”.

Join Dr. Walter Martin and Dr. E. Calvin Beisner in this spirited debate as they cover Scripture and Church History with UPCI spokesman Nathaniel Urshan and Bob Sabin.

“Though filmed in the 1980’s this is one of the best debates we have ever seen.  Martin and Beisner were brilliant.” —

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  1. Willy

    Thank you very much for posting this. This is a tremendous blessing for anyone who searches for the truth of the Word of God. May God continue to bless you as you continue posting these wonderful resources through the Internet.


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