Albert Mohler on the Glenn Beck issue


“There is something very strange going on here. I don’t understand the disconnect on the part of Christians,”

“What concerned me about that event on the mall was not so much Glenn Beck and the politicians in the program; it was the picture of those religious leaders standing together,”

“The bottom line is … we’ve been used and we’ve allowed ourselves to be used at times by politicians and others who co-opted God talk,”

“We (conservative Christians in America) … have just assumed that because they were using our language, they were talking about the same Gospel or talking about the same understanding of God or talking about the same theological structure and that’s just not true,”

“One of the healthiest things that can happen among conservative Christians is the ability to recognize, to discern the difference between civil religion and authentic Christianity,”

“[j]ust to debunk liberal ideas does not give you then the authority to be taken at your word … to be speaking truth when then you talk about the Gospel,”

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