Rick Warren Tweets Joyce Meyer

from the blog Slaughter of the Sheep


Because of something Christine Pack, of Sola Sisters blog, said on Facebook, I started browsing through Rick Warren’s Twitter feed. I found a tweet that is extremely curious. Here it is:

“We’ll never grow to spiritual maturity until we learn to do what’s right even when it feels wrong” JMeyers about 11 hours ago via web Retweeted by 100+ people

He’s quoting Joyce Meyer, for anyone who doesn’t know.

Warren also posted this on Facebook, which you can read by clicking here.

The context in which Warren quotes Meyer is in a “word of wisdom” fashion. Given that fact, I’m wondering if Rick Warren agrees with Meyer’s doctrine. Is he an advocate for the prosperity gospel that Meyer teaches? Does he believe God wants you to be healthy, wealthy, and wise… and nothing else? Is Warren asking us to believe that Joyce Meyer has the wisdom of God and we should be listening to her?

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