In a day when athletes are revered like gods, especially if you wear braids in your hair, tattoos all over your body, or (in the case of some SEC football programs) you have a criminal record, to hear the story of a high school football being penalized for kneeling and pointing to heaven after scoring a touchdown makes me furious!

According to Yahoo Sports:

That was made clear when a Tumwater (Wash.) High running back was flagged for excessive celebration after he pointed to the heavens following a touchdown run on Monday night. The play (see video below) happened in the second quarter of Tumwater’s 63-27 victory against East Valley in the Washington 2A state semifinals. According to KOMO News, running back Ronnie Hastie scored on a 23-yard run and celebrated as he has following each of his touchdowns this year: by pointing to the heavens.That’s when the field judge tossed a penalty flag, telling the running back he was trying to draw attention to himself with the celebration.

“That wasn’t the point [of the gesture], so I guess I was a little confused,” Hastie told KOMO News. “I do that to give glory to my Heavenly Father, Jesus. He gives me the strength. He’s the one who gives me these abilities in the first place.”

Making matters even more strange, the WIAA refuses to decry the penalty, saying that until the referees’ association gives it the full context of the play it can’t determine whether it was an excessive celebration or not. In fact, even if it was, it says the penalty still might have been justified because Hastie did not immediately give the ball back to a referee.


Here’s my 2 cents……OUTRAGEOUS!!!

If Hastie (the high school player) were to raise a fist to Islam, or gyrate his hips in some mock sexual act, it would have been overlooked, because we certainly wouldn’t want to offend Muslims or stifle any particular “culture or lifestyle”. Now take it this all happened in Washington state, and I love that state and adore Seattle, but some of those folks up there are a brick shy of a load, especially when it comes to Christianity.

Once again a sad commentary on the culture of America; attack Christians and Christianity, while all other “lifestyles and beliefs systems” and their followers and proponents are free to do what they want.

It’s a sick world and getting sicker. I have been asked time and time again, ‘why should I be surprised when heathens act like heathens?’

I don’t know why I should be surprised, but it definitely ticks me off.

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One thought on “OUTRAGEOUS!

  1. Mark

    It doesn’t appear that the penalty hurt their ability to trounce the other team. Still, I agree with you completely. Why did they single out this one time he did this, is what gets me? Was it the particular official? I hope the WIAA “gets the story straight” and then denounces the call.


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