Howse and Schlueter on the Piper/Warren mess

This a must-listen-to broadcast from Jan Markell’s Understanding the Times

Brannon Howse again warns of ecumenical efforts going on that could play into the hands of a future global religion predicted in Revelation. Joining him is Ingrid Schlueter from Crosstalk Radio. He informs listeners of John Piper joining hands with Rick Warren and of Warren’s plan to honor Tony Blair at Saddleback Church. Blair is in the forefront of ecumenical efforts with his Tony Blair Foundation. What is a “religious Trojan horse?” What is a “Fabian Socialist?” And why is Tony Blair’s foundation so dangerous to Christians? Schlueter and Howse also review the danger of three occultists at Warren’s Saddleback Church for all of Or Brannon Howse

Click here to listen to the broadcast

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