McDonald Resigns Gospel Coalition….GOOD!

The Gospel Coalition posted a short article today announcing James McDonald’s departure from that organization:

Earlier today on his blog, James MacDonald publicly announced his resignation as a Council member of The Gospel Coalition. James was one of our founding members, and we would like to thank him and Harvest Bible Chapel warmly and publicly for their years of service and support. As the reason for his departure, James notes that he “has very different views on how to relate to the broader church.” He added, “I believe their [TGC’s] work will be assisted by my absence, given my methodological convictions.” We acknowledge that James feels called of God into these spheres, and we wish him well in his far-reaching endeavors, and many years of ministry both faithful and fruitful.

On his blog, Ken Silva offered….


Well, he certainly seems to have gotten over being concerned about that as MacDonald’s “Furtigetical Ring Kissing” at Code Orange De-vival and budding bromance would indicate. Finally, MacDonald muses:

I have very different views on how to relate to the broader church and how the gospel must impact every relationship. I don’t want my minor role on the Council to hinder their work as a whole or to give the impression they agree with all God has called me to do. (Online source)

O, I don’t doubt they do have very different views; but one thing is clear: God didn’t call James MacDonald to mainstream heretics like Word Faith mogul T.D. Jakes or the man-centered non-gospel Furtickism of Prophet-Führer Steven Furtick.

All could add is that for the sake of The Gospel Coalition, it’s good that McDonald is gone. We have enough fence-straddlin as there is.

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