Theology of Worldviews,Existentialism

Whether many know it or will acknowledge it, the predominant worldview is that of existentialism, or the belief that it’s man’s feelings that determine reality. On this installment of Theology 101, Mike and pastor Scott Reiber explore the definition of existentialism, it’s causes, it’s expressions, how it contradicts the Christian faith and how believers should address those with this worldview.

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2 thoughts on “ Theology of Worldviews,Existentialism

  1. Michael David Hotard

    I haven’t heard the program as of yet. I wil download it, and am looking forward to listening to it. I have a question about the picture of the two men sitting on the tree limb. Is it some type of representation of Samuel Beckett’s existential play “Waiting for Godot.”? Looks like it would. Just curious.

    Your servant in Christ,
    Michael David Hotard

    Soli Deo Gloria

    1. mikecorley Post author

      Thanks Michael. I have no idea on your question regarding the graphic. I did a google search on existentialism and it was one of the results.



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