Classic Audio! | Lockridge,MacArthur, Begg & Duncan

From time to time on The Mike Corley Program Mike would have a “audio spring cleaning”, sharing some classic and meaningful audio clips that he shared many times, share them one more time before putting them in the archives. In this broadcast he shared that classic sermon “That’s My King” by the wonderful preacher Dr. SM Lockridge; a portion of an interview with Dr. Ligon Duncan on the greatest challenge facing the church today; John MacArthur on why the Apostle Paul was not ashamed of the Gospel; and Alistair Begg’s moving message “What Color is Your Robe?” Enjoy these stirring classic sound clips!

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One thought on “ Classic Audio! | Lockridge,MacArthur, Begg & Duncan

  1. George Mitchell

    Do you know who possesses the copyright to S.M. Lockridge’s, “That’s My King?”


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