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katyperrysesamestreetToday’s kids have been turned into little sex monsters by the sex culture surrounding them. They see the music videos of such morally bankrupt “artists” as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and nearly every R&B and rap “artist” out there; videos featuring females getting male attention and money thrown their way for showcasing their bodies, accompanied by lyrics (from females) that plead for their two-timing, physically abusive boyfriends to love them again, or lyrics (from males) that remarkably find ever more creative ways to express praise of a “b*tch’s” booty. Black girls try to ingratiate themselves to black boys, whom they know will only love them for their curves–personality doesn’t jiggle and hearts don’t bounce–and white girls try to ingratiate themselves to the black girls out of the white guilt they’ve built up by immersion in a culture that shames low melanin levels.

Adolescents don’t often watch BET and their trashy music videos, but they do watch programs like American Idol. It is here that the sex culture finds its way into the younger kids’ minds.

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