Before Complaining…. | Lazer Brody

stop-complaining I have to confess, and I hate it, but I may be the worst complainer in the world. This is a part of me that I struggle greatly with in overcoming. Here is a great post by Rabbi Lazer Brody that I pray will help us all.

Sure, we all have deficiencies – no one is perfect. If we lack something in life, that’s a gift too, in order to bring us closer to Hashem. But nothing so invokes Divine wrath as complaining – it’s the worst. And nothing invokes Divine mercy and compassion as gratitude – that’s the best.

Ungrateful people focus on deficiencies, but grateful people see only blessings. Do you know why? The more we sincerely thank Hashem and take nothing for granted, the more He gives us abundance and additional reasons to thank Him.
So before complaining, let’s look at the things we should be thanking Hashem for. Gratitude in itself is a blessing; the more we thank Hashem, the more our cup is truly overflowing.

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